Our Story

BudhShiv is an exclusive brand for unique handcrafted brass products.

BudhShiv Online was started on 1st September, 2020. During the Peak of Covid-19. Due to Lockdown and no retail orders, our artists were suffering. The main reason for taking BudhShiv online was to provide our artists and their families. By the grace of god we got a good response on Social Media from people around the world (You can check our Instagram testimonials story highlight). Now we are Working full time ONLINE as well as retailing offline from our Shop Located in New Delhi.

BudhShiv , the name is a Combination of Lord Buddha and Lord Shiva. We completely work by the teachings and values of Buddha and Shiva. After exploring a lot about them both I found one thing in common between the two, that is Service. Service with love to Humanity.

The art of statue and handicraft making is dying in our country.
Our goal is to revive this lost art.

It is said that positioning brass items in the right directions of your house or workplace brings good
luck and fortune.

Any kind of handmade artefact you purchase directly or indirectly helps the artisan communities grow and make a better living. By doing good, you bring home positivity.